Here's a slice of us.

We’ve known each other since 2003 and married in 2009. We are blessed with two little people who take up the biggest space in our hearts (and in our bed on weekends), Lucia and Luis. They are adorable kids and because of them, we feel the richest people on earth. 

Neither of us thought we would be doing this. We bought our first camera in time for Lucia’s birth so we can make quality photos as she grows, but we were surrounded by families and friends who convinced us to take our passion a little step further and believed we can, so we did! It was in 2010 when we covered our first wedding and we feel extremely grateful that we are still able to do this until now. 

Photography to us is about creating photos which tell stories that really happened and emotions that were really felt. It's also about making friendships.  It’s amazing how they happen in between. Even more so, how most of them last. For us, these make standing (and sometimes running) for hours with heavy cameras on hand very worthwhile. 

We are based in the beautiful Wellington but will happily cross mountains or fly over seas if given the opportunity to be part of your day. No matter how big or small. Just send us a note at info(at)meeko-redge.co.nz or fill out the form here and perhaps we can start over a cup of coffee. 

PS: Whoever or whatever it was who sent you our way, to them, our sincere appreciation.