They requested not to post these photos until after their wedding day, and now that they are officially Mr and Mrs Jordan, we can now finally share these with you.

Here’s our charming November couple.

The Saturday when we were supposed to have this shoot quite dampened our hearts with dark clouds and heavy rain. We hoped that the following day would shed us even just a bit of sunshine.

It turned out to be a glorious, almost-cloudless, sunshiney day.

Our cameras absolutely loved them! They were very natural and comfortable beside each other, and after learning through our in-between-sets conversations that they have been together for almost a decade and friends since almost childhood, we stopped wondering why.

They are best friends in love.

Aidan and Karly, thank you for spending this afternoon with us. The time we spent taking your pictures, making your memories and getting to know you two more made that glorious day a perfect one for us.

We have been looking forward to your wedding day and we can’t wait to tell more about it, More so, to show off how beautiful a celebration it was.