It always gives us a wonderful feeling when we are surrounded by a couple who are in love and are happy being so. Alex and Judith gave us that wonderful feeling so the hours we spent taking their photographs went by without us even noticing it. We had such great fun.

In a perfect world, we thought, there would be a ferris wheel, a huge one on the grounds of beautiful Wellington because that’s where Alex popped the question… Japan. But, the love that radiated between them made it all perfect and there could not have been a more perfect day to tell a piece of their love story in places dear to them.

We have always wanted to do a shoot along the famous alleyway of Wellington in Cuba Street, Thanks to our dear friend Aimee for bringing up that idea that day (and for shooting with us as well). The couple was game for it. Our hearts jumped as we say “FINALLY!”. The graffiti were absolute pieces of art and they shout beauty all over.

Our last stop was supposed to be in the Malaysian restaurant where they had their first date, Satay Kampong.

But the night was so beautiful and oh! The romance, we just couldn’t resist.

Alex and Judith, we hope you will treasure these. Thank you for sharing one beautiful-Wellington Saturday with us.