We have always wondered how it would be like shooting with crisp white snow in the background. It was actually one of our shallow dreams. Four hours drive later and a couple of stop-overs, it finally happened for us, and it was just amazing. The beautiful backdrop joined by a couple very dear to us, Den and Heide, made us feel we were on top of the world.

On top of the top.

It was a little funny how Den was so-not-looking-forward to this shoot, as most of our grooms-to-be. He was horrified at the fact that he will be standing in front of the cameras and that eyes will be looking through the lenses AT him. He did make it clear though that he is not a fan of staged photography and that he wants their photos to be as casual and candid as possible. We were of course, glad to hear that. When we got to the mountain though, Den was the one who announced that they’re ready. That, we thought, was a good sign.

And so it began.

Much to our surprise, they were looking and feeling very comfortable in front of our cameras and by each other. We achieved what was wanted, what was real. And to be able to capture the honesty of their look at each other, their smiles towards each other and the laughter they shared together was truly gratifying. Most of all, the love they everyday keep just within their hearts, they willingly revealed.

It was six years and ten months ago when they started going out. It all started on their first day of work. It clearly was fate that made it happen that they start in the same work on the same day. From being together in trainings, they became friends and from being friends, they fell in love. Back then, they were part of each other’s Mondays to Fridays. More than a year ago, Den finally proposed. It was obviously because he wanted to be part of Heide’s Mondays to Sundays.

For the rest of their lives.

Before this year ends they’ll be packing their bags, boarding a plane and marrying each other in Manila, Philippines, where most of their families and friends are and where their love story began. Unfortunately, we won’t be there to hear their vows and witness their first kiss as Mr and Mrs as we have been booked for weddings here. Needless to say though, we will be thinking of them on that day.

To you, our dear Den and Heide, thank you for wanting us to do this for you. It’s always humbling when people we love ask us to do something special like this for them. We hope that this shoot would make you pros when your big day comes. Impress your photographers with your candidness, killer smiles and impress them the most with your love.

Much love, Meeko & Redge

P.S. And thank you for making our shoot-in-the-snow dream come true.

  • Archie

    This is so BEAUTIFUL! My heart is full with joy seeing both of you so happy and inlove. Congratulations Pareng Den and Kapatid na Heide! I’m excited to witness the day when you guys exchange your vows and share to the whole world how much you love each other!

    PS.. Very nice work Meeko & Redge PhotographyReplyCancel