Oh! The joy is just hard to contain.

We finally bring to you a couple dear to us. Dody and Jonah.

In the imperfectly beautiful city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

They are from two different parts of the world. Dody is from Indonesia and Jonah is from Philippines. They call each other “sayang” — a term of endearment in Indonesia, and when they call each other so, it is with a distinct tone of sweetness.

They look at each other as if they haven’t seen each other for days. The kind of look you see in people waiting at the arrival area of an airport; like every part of the face smiles.

They are so much in love.

There’s no doubt about that.

While driving around to go from one location to another, we asked about their “love story”, how a friendship for almost half a decade blossomed into something as special as what they have now. It was way too cute how Jonah told the story. She could have just sung the song “Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic” 🙂

Clearly, it was hard work for Dody to finally win Jonah’s heart, but he made sure that it would be hard for Jonah not to fall for him too.

At first glance you can tell that they are two different people. Jonah is the outgoing, energetic, vivacious type while Dody is her solid opposite. Timid and quite shy.

But together, they become who exactly they are, fun, humorous, sweet.


Spending an entire day with them was one of the highs of our holiday. Though it caused us to have sunburn right at the tip of our noses, it was a day we won’t mind spending exactly the same way again.

These photographs are beautiful because they are in them and because the love that radiated between them was real, honest and sincere.

And they are getting married in December this year.

Oh! how we love what they decided to change into to end the session.

Dear Dody and Jonah,

It is so hard to put into words how we feel each time we look at these photos. We really enjoyed the entire day we spent with you two despite the heat (and no wind at all), the traffic and the incidents with the security guards. It really mean so much to us that you chose us to do this for you. Sadly though, we cannot be there on your big day. It would have been a very beautiful dream-come-true. Do know though that we will be thinking of you on that day with a smile in our faces and hearts.

Thank you for this very wonderful memory.

Stay in love!