We bring to you once again, Gavin and Cherie.

On their wedding day.

When Cherie flicked us a message asking if we can be their photographers on their wedding day, I blushed. I have known Cherie for about six years now and I have always felt honored to be called as a friend but as her wedding photographer, I find no greater pride.

That was October.

Since then, we have been waiting for this day.

With few words and not-so-few photos, allow us to take you to the greatest day of their lives.

The entire bridal party looked stunningly elegant and beautiful. Credits to Claudine Stace for the make-up and Cherie’s good-old friend, Jen for their hair.

I am sure that her Mum was staring down to her from heaven the whole time admiring her beauty and maybe even clapping in great happiness. Her once-baby-girl is now a bride. A very beautiful bride. On Cherie’s left hand, is the ring her Mum gave her–the ring she never took off. It almost brought tears to my eyes when I saw it on her finger that day. It assured me, her Mum was just around, somewhere.

It was the 25th day of February 2011, a sunny Friday afternoon, in the beautiful garden of Trentham Racecourse, underneath a gazebo, surrounded by families and friends, Gavin and Cherie promised to love, honor and cherish.

The couple hired a 1955 and a 1961 Bentley and they were absolute beauties. The Bentleys together with Mr & Mrs Black made such a very good combo.

Gavin and Cherie, thank you! Thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers. It was an absolute joy documenting your love and we know this could only be the start of something greater and more wonderful.