The day started grey. It ended golden.

It was a fine day to celebrate a wedding and a perfect day to celebrate love.

The kind of perfect that Israel and Lina deserve.

It was on the 5th of March 2012 when we first received an e-mail from them. Since then, their names were in our mailbox almost every week. What started as a mere enquiry became stories about life, its highs and lows and almost anything under the sun. It felt like attached to every e-mail they sent was a piece of themselves that we have learned to be fond of, appreciate and sincerely, love. On the way to their wedding, we didn’t feel like we were covering one. It felt more like we were actually attending one — that of our friends’ and you don’t get to feel something like that every day. So, the day started for us on such a happy note.

Their wedding was everything we imagined and more. We knew that everything would reflect them as a couple. Nothing extravagant. Everything honest. We knew it would be beautiful and in sooooooo many ways, meaningful.

The day started in the bride’s homestead which is over a 100 years old. Oh! How we loved that home, its atmosphere, its size and its soul. Our bride chose to DIY as much as she can to save costs and keep the wedding true to who they are. I loved the doilies, kraft papers and twines that adorned the place and with much pride, I have to say, that her bouquet, she made herself.

Here’s a glimpse of the very special day of our Mexican groom and our Dutch bride.

They exchanged vows in Lansdowne Presbyterian Church. The light coming through its windows was everything that we prayed for. We enjoyed shooting inside as much as we enjoyed listening to the sermon and readings.
The guests proceeded to the the bride’s house for a tea party in the garden. Lina’s mum has been making her own bread from when Lina and her 8 siblings were young so it was kind of expected that even the food was DIYed.
They also have their own barn. Right behind the house. What’s not to love about this wedding, really?
Israel and Lina, thank you for having us. Thank you for how you welcomed us that day into your home and more so for how you welcomed us into your lives. There was something said on your wedding that I had to write down so I won’t forget.
“When God sends people in your life, He knows what He’s doing.”
He definitely does because having known you two, we consider a real blessing and we’re really grateful that God sent you both our way.
Stay in touch and stay in love. — Redge (and Meeko who’s busy doing the DVD to send to you)
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    What a wonderful way of capturing the serenity of this special moment in your photos. They feel so honest and so real.

  • Wow. Wát een vétte foto’s zeg! Niet allemaal even cliché – op sommige momenten ontroerend zelfs.
    Gave dag geweest, zie je zo!
    Rita: je bent prachtig!!
    Dikke kus uit Holland.

    Weet niet of dit de juiste plek is om te reageren, maargoed.


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