I have been thinking the whole day how I am going to start writing about this wedding. I knew it would be hard. I knew I wouldn’t know where to begin. True enough, this is probably my 18th attempt.

There were so many beautiful things seen, heard and felt at this wedding and being reminded of them make me a bit teary. Emotions do get in the way sometimes but I will get there.

Here’s our Jamie and Tracey on their wedding day on St. Patrick’s Day.

Their wedding was full of happiness that just leaped right out at us. This was no surprise. We knew from the day we met Jamie and Tracey along with their oh-so-lovely mothers,that their wedding was something we would enjoy being part of.

To say we had a great time is truly an understatement.

They married in Silverstream Retreat on a beautiful Wellington day. What they say that nothing can beat Wellington on a beautiful day was yet again proven on the day they got married. Add to the gorgeous sunlight we had, nearly a hundred people who took part in their celebration.

Happiness? Bliss!!!

During the reception, there were tears of joy all over the place. I found myself (yet again) being torn between pushing the shutter and wiping a tear especially during the speech of Tracey’s mum. I don’t think there was anyone who was able to keep it together.

Here is when the couple learned that they are going to Queenstown for their honeymoon. A present from their families.

So, this is what I really wanted to say:

Thank you for making it so easy to be around you. We have a very soft spot for you two because from the very beginning you made us feel how much we mean to you. Your mothers, we fell in love with them from Day 1. They were extremely nice and warm to us and on your wedding day we met so many people who were equally nice. We will never forget how Jenny sat beside us and thanked us in the most sincere way. We are very grateful to have known you both and your families; and to have been part of one of your most special days. We miss you already too but just like what Jenny said, there is already a relationship that took place in between so really, this is not the end but just the beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You and your families make us fall in love with what we do over and over again.

By the way, Tracey, your mum has already booked us for your family shoot. No pressure though! 🙂

Much love, Redge (and Meeko half asleep in bed)