They brought us to what seemed like a place so far away. They introduced us to people who welcomed us with such warmth — their families and friends. They made us witness a wedding full of honesty, happiness, humility, love and love and love.

We feel really honored to have been part of a very intimate Autumn Love Affair between these two we have learned to love — Joe and Leigh.

It was a month and a couple of weeks before their wedding when they inquired from us. Two days after that, we met them for the first time. It was brief yet very worthwhile. It was about a week after that when they told us of the great news. They chose us! We were over-the-moon happy. We wanted to know them more, that’s why.

It took them just over a couple of months to plan their wedding. They knew form the start that they need nothing extravagant. They need it to be intimate, meaningful and remembered. They wed in the beautiful Tinui Station Country Estate which is a heaven in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. Joe and Leigh hired the entire place for three days. They basically made it a home for them, their kids, their families and all their guests.

Remembered. It will surely be.

When we met the second time to discuss their wedding in more detail, Leigh told us that she doesn’t like cameras. She does not like being photographed (a complete opposite of her other half). That may be true but it does not go both ways. Our cameras felt something like love-at-first-sight towards her.

We were calling her Uma the whole time. She looked just like Uma Thurman and Teri Polo combined.

No wonder Joe looks at her the way he does — like there’s nothing else around her.

We were supposed to go to a place 10-minute drive away to have their portraits taken but  it was already starting to get dark. Besides, the place was already stunning by itself.

Then food was served, sky lanterns lit and flown, speeches made, cake cut, and the rest of the night was danced away.

Joe and Leigh, words cannot express how we appreciate the honor of capturing a very significant day of your life as a couple. We don’t think we have been to a wedding where we heard the words I Love You as many times as we did on yours. Joe, we will never forget what you told us that second time we met. We hope that people will choose us for the same reason and that they see us the way you both did. Just like what we heard Leigh say twice on your wedding day, thank you for choosing us. Hugs to Israel, Zander and Ethan.

Much love and appreciation. Meeko & Redge