It was October last year when we first met this couple. It was a brief encounter. They were, at that time, just ‘browsing’ around. Back then, they were both looking gorgeous already and we wondered how much more gorgeous they can be on their wedding day.

We feel so lucky to have been chosen to document that gorgeous day.

Here’s our South African lovebirds, Zanie and Kosie on the day they promised to grow old (and still look gorgeous) with each other.

Our day started and ended in Silverstream Retreat where Zanie prepared to be and became one of the most beautiful brides. The elegant tiered gown by Robyn Cliffe was perfection on her. She looked absolutely stunning. Credits too to Hannah of Made Up Makeup Artists and her Bobbi Brown collection for the bride’s and bridesmaids’ make-up. Speaking of bridesmaids, these two are definitely “something”. They turned the music on and did their exceptional dance moves and just made the bride smile and laugh half of the time. Zanie could not have chosen better bridesmaids. Her best friends just made the best, and her Mum, the bestest.

The sun decided not to attend their wedding. The clouds were there which just made it perfect as it provided the right mood and the right light for us. The rain held up too during the ceremony which was great.

Any photographer would love to have Zanie and Kosie in front of their cameras. Their smiles when they look at each other are very sincere and anyone can tell that they are genuinely happy being with each other. They almost didn’t need us to prompt them what to do. They are in love and they know exactly how to show the world.

We had great fun during the reception and we’re sure all their guests would agree. We were served with good food, surrounded by beautiful people and entertained with funny yet heartfelt speeches.

The place was adorned with florals of purple . The table numbers were the cutest we have ever seen. We love the wish tree, the bird cage and all the details. No wonder the mother of the bride had nothing but very good things to say about Tracey of Black Rose Florist. You have done a wonderful job, yet again.


Dear Kosie and Zanie,

We thank you for the wonderful experience of being with you that day. You are both so lucky to have such wonderful people in your lives. We feel real honored to have known and spent a day with them. Thank you for choosing us. You are definitely one of the loveliest couples we’ve worked with and we look forward to bumping into you in the mall more often. It’s always nice to see you both with your hands always held together. May you always see and know love like this.

Much love,   Meeko and Redge