Let us take you back to the 29th of April 2011 when almost the entire world waited for the Royal wedding to begin. It was the same day Miki and Levi made their promise of forever to each other under the blue skies, surrounded by so many people, all dear to them.

The following photos will tell you how much royal of a time we had behind our cameras, and hopefully, how grateful we felt.

When we arrived in Aotea Lodge where the bride was getting dolled up with and by her bridesmaids, we were stunned by how relaxed Miki was. Once in awhile we would ask her how she was feeling and with her trademark ribbon-smile, she’d say “I am really excited.”

We were in the same boat.

Everything about their wedding was just beautiful. Every detail posted a meaning. Every emotion showed honesty. You can feel love, friendship, commitment, and bliss.

As we do, I stayed with the ladies and Meeko went with the boys. Miki requested for us to go to Aotea Lagoon to have her photos taken with her best girls before the ceremony— last time she would spend with them as Ms Miki Kitora.I had an amazing time.

Levi took Meeko and his groomsmen to this place uphill they call “The Point” aboard a 4wd. This is where they would usually hang out even when they were younger. Remember when we said how we love when couples take us to places dear to them? Meeko felt honored, honestly, to have been brought there.

It all happened in Takapuwahia Marae, Porirua which is a very significant place to Levi and his clan, and now, to Miki as well.

It was moving to see the amount of time and love their families have given to make their day a royal one of their own. After the ceremony, guests threw crane confetti that the couple and their families hand-made. You will be amazed when you see the size of them, and then, please take notice of the quantity. It is believed that a thousand crane will bring one luck but with over a thousand, how lucky can they get?

The venue was transformed into a heaven of pinks and whites. It was almost unbelievable how the food just didn’t stop coming, seasoned with just the right amount of salt and pepper but way too much love. The speeches made guests shed tears. It could not be any more meaningful. And the haka performed by all the male guests was a real heart warmer.

The crane confetti can only make them luckier.

Miki and Levi, we thank you for giving us this privilege. We are deeply humbled that you have chosen us to make memories of what may be the most memorable day of your lives. We feel so blessed to have been part of your wedding day. What you have said about us during your speech Levi, is just too wonderful and overwhelming.

When it was time for us to call it a night, Miki gave me a hug and again, with her trademark ribbon-smile, she said “We are friends now, alright?”

That just made everything, as in everything, even more worthwhile.