“There is no peace without harmony, no harmony without music. There is no music without song, no song without beauty. There is no beauty without laughter, no laughter without joy. There is no joy without kindness, no kindness without caring. No caring without love, no love without you.”

It brings us so much pleasant emotions to finally share this with you, the love between Mahmud and Cathy which we saw unfold on their wedding day.

Cathy was one of the first brides who booked us during the North City Bridal Expo last January. We didn’t see her again until a month before their wedding as she works in Saudi Arabia. The second time we met her, we met Mahmud for the first time.

When a couple shares with us a page of their love story, it feels like they welcome us to their lives. Cathy is from New Zealand and Mahmud is from Egypt. Six and a half years ago they met in Egypt while Cathy was on a holiday. It was like a miracle that they found each other. It made us think that maybe it was written in the stars, their destiny, and then witnessing them exchange their promises of a lifetime, it made us smile and say, they were clearly born for each other.

It was meant to pour on that Saturday, but the glorious sun decided to join us and so with the vast sea, green mountains and blue skies around them; along with their closest friends and dear family, Cathy and Mahmud got married.

They could not have chosen a more perfect setting but Boomrock. It is such a breath-taking place and the warmth their staff has given us was truly gratifying. They made us feel at home and in heaven at the same time.

During the day, while we were moving around to make these photographs, we would often stop and take a deep breath. We were smiling from the bottom of our hearts. We were very overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounded us and because this is something we are just starting to do, it felt like we needed to pinch ourselves to remind us that it was actually not a dream.

We thank you for entrusting to us your special day. We know choosing a photographer is not always easy. We will forever be grateful and thankful that you chose us. You two, your families and even your friends were very pleasant and warm and we never felt like we were there just as photographers. You all made us feel like we were among you.

Cathy, you told us that your friends came to you on that day asking if the photographers are your friends because it seemed to them that you have known us all the while.

Now, when they ask you, we hope you would say “yes” this time.

All the best to you two. We hope you enjoyed what you just saw.