When we first met Alana in a cafe in Johnsonville, we knew that she has this heart bigger than her size. She was just way too nice. Little did we know though that that heart is so much bigger and that she is beyond way-too-nice. This, we realized on the day she married Mark.

Here’s a very good way to end our January.

The wedding of Mark and Alana in the beautiful The Pines.

This wedding has made its way to being one of our personal favorites. There is just nothing not to love and to adore. From their families to their guests. From the details to the food. From the speeches to the songs. From the bride to the groom.

From beginning to end.

I mean, to start with, look at our bride.

We started the day in Mark’s sister’s place where Alana spent her last hours as a Ms Foster, getting ready to be a Mrs. Morton. We were welcomed with such warmth by her sister-in-law and her husband, parents, Maid of Honor and ‘bridesman’ and her adorable flower girl.

Both the ceremony and the reception were held in The Pines. The rustic feel that it provides makes it one of our favored venues. Add to that the delectable food they serve and the magnificent view of the harbour.

Alana walked down the aisle in between her Mom and Dad. She was very transparent with her emotions. It was so hard not to get carried away hence, there were tears from her parents, guests and photographer. The shot below tells so much of the kind of person she is, the kind of family she has and the kind of child she will always be.

We didn’t have to go anywhere else to take portraits of the newlyweds and their bridal party. Every spot in the venue made a beautiful frame.

According to Alana, they wanted to wed in Mexico but since it could not be a possibility…..yet. They  then thought, “If we can’t bring ourselves to Mexico then we might as well bring a little of Mexico to us.”

And so they did.

And as we do every single time, we thank our dear couple, Alana and Mark for letting us document such a beautifully honest and extremely meaningful wedding. The photos we came up with, we give them credit for. They are beautiful because of the kind of couple they are and the kind of people they keep in their lives.

Mark, I was lost for words when you told me a bit of your story, when you shared a piece of your life. I felt privileged listening. I felt grateful knowing. You are a good man. I admire you for the kind of man you chose to be. Hats off to that person who made you want to be so. Your wife!

Alana, we miss you already. I hope this is not the end but just the start.

Cheers to you both and everything best!

🙂 Redge (with Meeko behind)