It was eight months ago when we met this gorgeous couple for the first time. Back then they had over a year to wait for their biggest day. How time flies. Five months from now, they will be getting married and the date is almost impossible to forget.

Ten, Eleven. Twelve.

A couple of days before this shoot, Emma sent me an e-mail to say that she is feeling both excited and nervous. She doesn’t like cameras and if she can avoid them, she would. By all means and gladly. Maybe it was ten minutes before we actually started when Mark told us the same thing. Then, we thought, this would be a huge challenge.

We thought wrongly. They may have felt nervous in the beginning which is almost always the case but in no time, they were looking at each other, holding each other and laughing with each other as if no one else was around. They totally got the hang of it.

Beautifully. Naturally.

We were very stoked when they told us of their preferred location. We have been dreaming to do a shoot in Staglands since we brought our daughter there for the first time. We thought the place would be perfect for any kind of shoot.

Perfect it was to tell a short piece of their love story.

I did my sun-dance moves (and I’d be happy to share) the night before, hoping for the sun to shine on them the following day. I must not have done the moves right because not much of the sun came out which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The light we had was delish. We were shooting with gusto.

What we thought was hard to start was actually hard to end.

Emma and Mark, thank you for spending that cold Autumn afternoon with us. It really was a delight to have you before our cameras and we look forward to what’s to happen on your big day. Thank you again for choosing us.

Stay in love, Redge (and sleeping Meeko)