NOTE: This is NOT an Engagement shoot ( but let us put it in this category anyway)

Meet Matthew and Lara.

They made it clear that they are not engaged. Yet. They have been together for three years. And a half. Though there was not any ‘bling’, there definitely was love.

We sensed that. They proved it.

This was the first time we met them together and in an instant, we knew them. They made us smile when they showed us the plates they brought. “We like! We like!”, we said. They told us their cars are their babies, hence the three of them are named. So it is but fair that these babies get a decent part in this shoot.

There’s PINKYD, Lara’s 2000 Volkswagen Beetle (we guessed it right, it’s pink!), MUDBOG, Matthew’s 1993 Mitsubishi Pajero….

and GREYHO, their 1991 Nissan Primera.

We spent just a little over an hour with them because the rain decided to pour. It was well-spent though because we knew another great couple who’s fun and in love though not engaged. Again, yet! (Matthew, we are so not putting any pressure on you.)

Oh! And they brought not just their plates, they made sure they brought along with them what they both cannot live without. Their hoodies. So, we thought, if we were asked what kind of couple they are, we would say, a kind who shares a “hoody” kind of love.

Matthew and Lara, we had an amazing time getting to know you two as we click our shutters. Thank you for being real and honest. You told us you don’t have a lot of photos together. Now, you have these. We hope these brought a smile into your faces and silently made your hearts sing.