It was eleven o’clock in the morning on one of the sunny Saturdays of July this year when we met them for the very first time. It must have been a “cyber connection” that made them book us online over a year ago but there definitely was a real connection that Saturday we finally met. It felt so real. Almost tangible. The hour we spent with them felt so much like home.

Right at the first minute.

Time flew since then (as we hoped it would) and the first day of Spring arrived — the day when Mike and Adele promised each other to always be in love and forever be friends.

Here are few of the photos we took of that stunning day, with a couple from our associate Herdi of The Prominent. We’re always grateful to have him around. We hope you enjoy what you’re about to see. If you find them beautiful, as we hope you would, credits are to them, our beautiful couple. To their beauty inside and out.

Their wedding kicked start our wedding season and it was, in every inch, exactly what we imagined it would be. Screaming with simplicity, elegance and intimacy. Very Mike and Adele.

The lovely wee Guthrie Cottage in Eastbourne made just the right venue for them to get dolled and dressed, and be merry before they married. We fell in love with it already when we saw it the first time. It was, in so many ways, looking even more gorgeous on their wedding day though. The presence of families and close friends, the champagne shared, laughter heard across the room and the love that radiated from and between them two, made it so.

The sun was up giving us just the right amount of light we needed. The skies seemed even bluer. The ocean right across seemed more pacific. It seemed like heaven has got it all planned. To make everything extra beautiful. Extra perfect for a couple who deserved nothing less.


The ceremony and dinner were held at the famous Cobar Restaurant. A place equally elegant as the couple. They were officially married by Norma. Adele and Mike already warned us prior that we will love Norma as she is just adorable. True enough, we did. The ceremony brought tears of, no doubt, happiness to a few of their guests and our bride herself was not able to contain the tears too. We felt so happy seeing them very happy.

To you, Mike and Adele, our sincerest gratitude for trusting us with your memories. We thank you for being incredibly warm and caring and just amazing. We feel extra blessed having known you. We hope these photos will never fail to make you smile and may they always be a reminder of how beautiful your wedding was and why you married each other.

We believe we live in such a small world hence, we’re sure we will see you again.

Thank you again.

Let us end this post with this photograph and by saying, “This will be the last one.” — We are sure you know what we mean when we say that. 🙂

Much love, Meeko and Redge

Credits to the following:

Hair  & Makeup | Salute

Bride’s Dress |  Sophie Voon

Alterations | Zowie Heywood

Groom’s Outfit | Mandatory

Florist | Flowers Et Cetera

Cupcakes | Karen Flowers

Car | Prestige Classics

Accommodation | Guthrie Cottage

Venue | Cobar

Stationery | Hand-made by the couple at Craft House

Music | DJ Gavla

Celebrant | Norma Lowe


  • OMG, You guys rock! What beautiful photos of a beautiful couple and what was obviously a fabulously special day. Thank you so much for sharing these with me. Hope to cross paths again soon, Cheers, Colleen. Flowers Et Cetera, PetoneReplyCancel