How much do I love this couple? Let me count the ways.

I love how she can light up a room with her smile.  I love how he is a man of very few words but one with such a gigantic and sincere heart. I love how even in the smallest things he can show she means the world. I love how she looks at him with her nose twitched and how that look can instantly make him smile. I love how she can break silence with her signature “rrrrrr” and the look he makes each time she says that. I love how they love each other. Something that is never a secret but is always a highlight to see.

On their wedding day, they gave us a million more reasons to love them.

Here’s the addictive couple on the day they promised to laugh more, to love more and to grow old together.

Michael and Kelly.

It all started with a haircut and a bet on the side. Some seven years ago, Kelly was Michael’s dad’s hairdresser. Michael met her through him and after that first meeting, Michael announced that he had a huge crush on her already. He probably didn’t know but Kelly had a crush on him too. Michael told his Dad that he wants to ask her out and his Dad said there’s no chance of him making that happen. Then the bet came in. Long story short, there was no stopping this man in getting the girl of his dreams. The Dad lost his bet.

One of the sights I love watching in every wedding is when the groom watches his bride walk up the aisle. The emotions involved are just overwhelming. I love how they look as if their hearts race and stop at the same time and how they seem to be lost for words. But every time, they all seem to say (in a bubble) “Wow, this girl is mine.”

Micahel and Kelly’s wedding was nothing short of amazing. Everything was well thought out and executed beautifully and these two deserve nothing but that.

 The venue was turned into a heaven of lavender, purple and violet. We have never seen this place looking as magnificent hence when the doors were finally opened to the guests, jaws dropped and there were just wows heard everywhere. We were all blown away and that is courtesy of the geniuses behind Red Pebble Event Design and that candy buffet was an absolute eye candy.

 And this father-and-daughter dance we enjoyed watching the most.

 Michael and Kelly, they say, “it is only possible to live happily ever after on a daily basis.” You two, prove that right. You never fail to amaze us with the kind of happy love that you share. There’s no doubt that you two are FOREVER.

Thank you for saying thank you to us perhaps a hundred times on your wedding. You have no idea how much those two words made us feel throughout the day. Thank you for welcoming us with smiles and for introducing us to almost every people involved on that day. It honestly made us feel very, very special. Thank you for treating us like your friends more than just another vendor. Thank you for making sure we had dinner with the rest of your guests. Thank you for making sure we take home some lollies for our little girl. You have been really amazing and we mean it from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for gracing our lives by being part of it even just for a couple of days.

Much love, Redge (and Meeko who’s putting that little girl to sleep)

P.S: I know you won’t miss this, Anette! We just wanna say thank you so much for e-very-thing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Credits to the following:

Bride’s Gown: Maggie Sottero Adorae from Astra Bridal

Groom’s & Groomsmen’s Suits: Connox, Australia

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Stax

Flower Girls’ Dresses: Ollie’s Place, Australia

Florist: Black Rose Florist

Stationery: Wedding Club NZ

Cake: Art ‘n Icing

Event Stylist: Red Pebble Event Design

Candy Buffet: Couture Candy Buffet Company

Hair: Flair Hairdressing

Makeup: Makeup by Alanah

Celebrant: George Ross

Music/DJ: Leigh from Musical Cheers

Photobooth: Photo Booth Fun

  • Nicole Chapman

    Wow! What an awesome blog! I giggled the whole way through as I realised how well you really did get to know Michael (Bubs), and Kelly! Such beautiful photo’s, and a great insight to the hidden treasures I didn’t get to notice on the big day. Thank you! Rrrrrrrrrrr !!!ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    Beautiful! Lovely! Such great photos!ReplyCancel