She was the one who once said, “When God sends someone in your life, He definitely knows what He’s doing.”

My heart is bursting at the seams now that I can finally share this wedding of a couple who has become our friends over time. Their wedding, I am so proud to say, they made themselves with the help of the very many very good friends they have. The invites, the bouquets, the cake, the photo booth, the souvenirs, EVERYTHING! Even the food that they all shared together. It was really humbling to have been part of this occasion and I know, knowing them, it was not merely to cut costs but because they wanted their wedding to show who they really are and what really matters to them.

Here’s a glimpse of the day Jono and Olivia celebrated their beautiful love. The day they kissed for the very first time.

It was during Israel and Lina’s wedding when we met them first. Olivia was one of the bridesmaids and Jono, one of the groomsmen. I remember very vividly that moment in front of the barn when Olivia asked me if there was any more Saturdays in February 2013 that we are still available. That time, we only had one Saturday left. It was the 16th and there is no way in the world that I can forget how she just raised her hands in so much joy as she announced that that is actually the date of their wedding.

It clearly was meant to be.

They married in The Centre which is part of Massey University in Palmerston North. This place is very significant to them both so they knew right away that there could be no better place to celebrate something most special. For them, it was home and on their wedding it felt just like that especially that it was filled with family and close friends. After the ceremony, the immediate family gathered in a small room to do the traditional tea ceremony. It was such a special moment.

 After changing into their sneakers, off we went for the bridal party photo shoot. It was so laid back and relaxed especially towards the end when they decided to just have a wee picnic. It was such a great way to end the day. To sum it up, their wedding was just like the e-mails I get from them. Full of meaning. Full of friendship and full of love, and most importantly, full of faith.

Dear Jono and Olivia, congratulations again on finally being married. It’s so nice to hear that you are both enjoying and loving your new roles in each other’s lives. Thank you once again for letting us be part of your most special day. Thank you that after all, you still wanted us. You are so right Olivia with what you said on your speech on Israel and Lina’s wedding. Do you know that I had to write it down? I was so moved by it. It is so true coz He definitely knew what He was doing when He sent you two in our lives. The e-mails that we have exchanged since October last year, I really treasure them. They are never one-liners. They are love letters for me. They truly are. Thank you for those and for the friendship that you allowed to happen in between.

I am gonna make sure this is not the end. What we have now, that I am sure is part of God’s plan too is so beautiful that it doesn’t deserve to end. Please stay in touch and please keep on inspiring people with the love that you have, the love that you nourished and the love that I know you will make forever.

And remember, you have a home in our home here in the capital.

Much love, Redge (and Meeko and Reina Lucia)

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    So nice to see the photos! We miss you guys!
    The Coello Congregation =)ReplyCancel

  • Pauline NG

    Well taken photos, captured your happy and precious moments. Praise the Lord for his continuous blessings!ReplyCancel

  • Congrats from California! Sorry I couldn’t make it down there but hope to see you and the family soon!