It was this month last year when he popped the question. How he did it was far from fancy. Very casual. Very him.

They were having their ice cream along the waterfront in Wellington. Something they do not miss on doing each time they visit the capital. She did not have any idea. There weren’t any signs. All he said was his usual punch line, “How about it?” She laughed as anyone would each time he says that. Little did she know that, that another day in February, that another drive to Wellington, that another ice cream along the waterfront, that another “how about it?”, that is actually the start of their truly-happily-ever-after.

Ten months after, on the day they say the world will end, they said their vows in the most beautiful way.

Here they are, the high-school sweethearts on the day they became husband and wife.

Matt and Charleen.

If there’s something I really remember in every wedding we cover, it is how it made me feel. I was even branded once by one of our brides as an emotional shooter. I took it as a compliment. I think emotions make every wedding special more than anything else. This wedding, in that case was very, very, very special.

The meeting we had with them in September last year did not prepare us for anything that their wedding was. During the ceremony, it was almost impossible to shoot. It was so easy to be carried away. We have never seen a groom cry the way Matt did and it was very moving. How he looked up once in awhile to hold his tears and how he was not able to hold it at all just showed everyone there how much love he has for the girl standing in front of him.  I loved how Charleen tried not to look at him when she was saying her vows knowing that if she did, there was no way in the world she would have finished it. Their guests felt the same way we did. That, we’re very certain. The smiles on their faces revealed so much joy and gratefulness.  It does not happen every day that you get given the opportunity to witness what a wedding is all about.

Their love was our inspiration that day, and every day since then.

Matt and Charleen, your wedding was such a delight to cover. You thanked us so sincerely when we wrapped up the shoot. The gratitude should really come from us. To have been trusted with the memories of your very special day is something we will forever be grateful of. We’re glad we have these photos to keep and look at once in awhile. They will remind us every time of the fun we had working with you. I don’t often go with Meeko to take photos of the guys but I am really glad that I did, this time. I had just the right dose of laughter to kick start the rest of the day. Your bridesmaids, the loveliest we have ever worked with. Charleen, you could not have chosen a better pair. For them, everything that day was all about you. They made sure the spotlight was always on you — something you never expected, I am sure, but we all believe you deserve.

Remember how I shared my favorite chocolates with you during the photo session and Charleen, you said that I did so because I love you all? I think you were right. What’s not to love? You and Matt, your groomsmen and bridesmaid, you were our dream team.

Thank you for having us. We hope these photos would remind you every day the reason you married each other and make you look forward to the forever you will make.

Much, much love, Redge (and Meeko, who I hope is thinking what to give me for Valentine’s Day )


  • Leigh Maddison

    Hi Meeko and Redge. These are fantastic and you have captured the specialness of this wedding really well – including my nephews love for Charleen. They had a few dark days leading up to this, courtesy of others, so it was a triumph to see them so happy and in love and know that hadn’t changed anything for them.
    I’m glad to see you have captured Albert in all his ‘Albert-ness’ and Caleb with the mixture of laughter and seriousness that always flits across that gorgeous expressive face. But most of all, I am happy you captured the love these two hold for each other and I hope EVERYONE who sees these knows that this couple were made for each other, with the blessings of their Lord. Thank you SO much guys xxReplyCancel