On the way to church, her Mum told me the story of how they’ve known each other and started being close friends since college. Very close that he is at her place on a very regular basis joining family dinners and celebrations. Her Mum and Dad asked her to finish college first before she starts dating and because of her great respect for her parents and his sincere love for her, they waited.

Her Mum also shared how after four years of dating, he finally came to them and asked if he could marry their daughter. Of course they said yes. He had planned to propose on the 6th of December but her parents asked that he does not do it that day as that is her younger sister’s birthday. He did not want to wait another day so on the 5th of December 2018, while driving around Kiriwhakapapa in his ute, he decided he’s gonna make it happen that night. He pretended that there was something wrong with the engine. When he found a spot, he pushed the brake, hopped off the ute, opened the hood and pretended to fix something. He then called her and asked if she could come over with her phone as he needed light. She got off the ute with the light on her phone on.

He was down on one knee when she came.

Dear Erina and Brandon, we will always be grateful of the enormous trust you had for us. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and letting us be part of a day in your lives. A day that’s probably the most special for you two. It was amazing how love and faith were felt constantly and almost everywhere on your wedding day. Not just between you both but among your families and friends. Your day affirmed right from the beginning what we’ve always believed — that a family that prays together, stays together. And for that we thank you too.

We hope you love the frames you’re about to see and that they instantly take you back to your 14th of June, to your winter wedding that felt summer in so many ways. Much love xox