There couldn’t be a better day to be sharing these photos with you because today, this lovely couple is celebrating their 4th year anniversary.

We’ve seen them together a few times in the past as Anatasia and Meeko are both part of the Indonesian community in Wellington. Sam was always present too in gatherings and celebrations. But it was just recently that we had the chance to sit and chat with them. We noticed right away how opposite they are from each other as well as how their differences actually attract. It was amusing actually listening to them converse to each other — how she tries to convince him that she has a point and how he would, in his timid way, agree (but actually disagree) with her.  And we heard, their conversations in the car with Anastasia and her map and Sam on the wheels are very interesting. We’re very certain though that anyone who knows them or even those who just met them once, would agree that they have such great love for each other and that Sam, though he agrees to disagree is very in love with his bride-to-be.

And that love they have for each other really shone on their engagement shoot and the sun just made it even brighter.

Anatasia and Sam, thank you for spending an hour with us that Saturday. It has been awhile since we last stood behind our cameras but you made the experience really fun and reminded us how much we love doing this. Thank you. We cannot wait to watch your wedding day transpire through our lenses. Let’s make it another fun session, shall we?

And by the way, congratulations on your 4th anniversary. Cheers to many, many more.

Best, M & R