When we arrived at the house with a gorgeous blue door, the girls were buzzing around in their matching dressing gowns, laughing loudly, singing while dancing to the music and toasting with champagne. There were food on the table that could feed a rugby team. The festive lights along the staircase were flickering. It was a pleasant scene to be welcomed by. 

Then our bride left the rest of her girls to change into her wedding outfit. Everyone ooh’d and aah’d when she descended the stairs not in a white dress but in a gorgeous white Zimmerman jumpsuit and they swooned when she donned her studded heels. She was an image of absolute perfection, especially with her deep red lips.

Then we all hopped into a shuttle to make our way to the ceremony. On time. She is never late. 

Under the cloudless sky and extremely bright sun (but it was okay because one of his groomsmen made sure he had a good layer of sunscreen on) with the sea behind him and before him, everyone dearest to them, he waited for her. He looked first-rate and very happy. 

The music started playing and Annabelle started walking out of the gate with her Dad, next to her; and Jack staring right at her, almost not blinking. There, their married life began.

Who would have imagined that the person they met through a common friend one night while just hanging out in town would be the one they will be marrying six years later?

Well actually, they kinda’ did. 

Since then, this day, they’ve been hoping for.

Annabelle and Jack, you exchanged the sweetest vows and you really looked so beautiful together. Thank you for inviting us into your lives and love and for choosing us to document a day this special. May you always find ways to make each other laugh, may you book more flights together, may you never tire of cooking for her, Jack and may you never run out of movies to watch together. Know that you can face anything for as long you remain connected at the heart but if it’s okay, can you please just stay in Wellington and not move overseas? We’re sure if Louey can talk, she’d tell you just the same.

Love always, Meeko & Redge

PS – Credits to the dream team, Gather & Company. They made the day pretty and flow oh so smoothly.