Their families and friends were already starting to wonder if they will ever marry each other. They had been dating for nearly a decade and it was just 375 days ago on a mini holiday with his family in Waihi when he went down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She may have waited awhile but he made it worth the wait because he proposed under a rainbow structure in a playground while they were out for a walk. And as everyone knows, she is a sucker for anything rainbow and fairytales so that time and spot could not have been any more perfect for her and although she did not mention, we are pretty sure she said yes in the most Cinderella way.

Since she was a young girl, she’s always had this fantasy that she will marry her Prince Charming in a rainbow gown, Cinderella shoes in a place adorned with colors. Believe it or not but on their wedding day, she made that fantasy happen with the help of all the lovely people in her life. And his love for games and superheroes blended in too.

Here they are, Danielle and Evan on the day when their happily ever after began.

Dear Cinderella and Superman, we cannot thank you and your family enough for choosing us to put into frames the memories you made on your wedding day. We are so thrilled to have met you and even more, worked with you. You bring sunshine and rainbow (of course) to the life of everyone you love and on your wedding, you sprinkled some on us too. Every day may not always be a fairy tale but we’re sure that you can conquer them like superheroes.

With much love.