Last December, we had the privilege of working with Skinny Love Weddings and covered five weddings in one day. This being one of them.

Their love story is one for the books. The kind that you’d think only happens in movies. They were sitting next to each other in a plane bound to Auckland and were instantly drawn to each other when they realised they were listening to the same album. Conversations started but little did they know that they they were attending a work induction together and that they would actually be working in the same building when they returned home in Wellington.

Talk about soulmates. And destiny.

From being strangers, they became friends and then life partners. They travelled together, got engaged, bought a house, became parents to their fur babies, Fredo and Daisy and finally on a very gorgeous Summer day, got married.

Romana and Kyle, thank you for letting us into your lives even for just a couple of hours. We hope you felt the connection too because we felt it so strongly even in that brief time. It seemed like, everything that was contained in your hearts that day, you revealed. We would like to think we were able to capture them. The love between you two, the happiness of finally marrying each other in front of your most loved ones and even the pain of not seeing someone very special to you among the people there. Thank you. You made that day extra special for us.

Hope you are enjoying the new year as husband and wife and may you always stay in love.

Best, M & R

A pat on the back for the dream team:

Venue: Gear Homestead

Wedding Celebrant: Miranda Zander

Flowers: Of Noble Nature

Cake: Sweet Bakery

Wedding Organiser: Skinny Love Weddings