Matt and Sohini have been together for four years now. They met through mutual friends just after she got back from London. She had just started law school and he, on the other hand, had just finished. They started meeting each other to talk about law and homeworks. Definitely nothing romantic. But eventually, they discovered that there was a lot more they had in common. Soon, as they spent more time with each other, they started to open themselves up to the possibility of something more than law. To the possibility of love.

Sohini described Matt as caring and thoughtful and he never fails to make her laugh with his terrible puns. He made her realise that love could be peaceful and warm. He made her feel that what they had between them was right. That he was right. With him, she felt safe. For her, he was home.

Two years ago, on Guy Fawkes night, they went on a dinner date in Osteria del Toro. After dinner, Matt told Sohini that he loves her too much that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He asked her to marry him and even though they were in a very crowded restaurant, at that moment, it felt like they were alone. When they stepped out of that restaurant, it seemed like the entire city has put on a show just for them with the magnificent display of fireworks.

Matt and Sohini, when we met you in Barnaby and Tara’s wedding, we already noticed how in love you two were with each other so it was rather exciting when we received your e-mail asking us if we were still free for your wedding on 13th of January 2018. We’re glad we were because it’s always nice to be by the company of two people who mean the world to each other.

From the bottom of our humble hearts, we thank you once again, for choosing us to make these for you. We wish you all the best in life and may your newly-purchased house always be home.

Best, Meeko & Redge