(First of all, Naomi please ask Will to turn off Fox News first :p)

They’ve just been engaged for less than a month when we met each other in a cafe to talk about their wedding. Actually, she sent us an e-mail just two weeks after he proposed, asking if we were still free on their wedding date. From that initial meeting, we noticed two things straight away. One, how they’re complete opposites of each other. We saw her as someone who easily gets giddy and him, well, very reserved. Two, they not only love each other, they also respect each other so highly. And you don’t always get that impression.

We wouldn’t have guessed that they’ve only known each other for two years. There was just this great sense of familiarity between them and even among their families. Their Mums seem to have been best friends and as if these two grew up together and were a pair since Kindergarten. They had that kind of connection.

We hope you see and feel that connection in the  frames you’re about to see. That these photos will take you to that summery winter day when they married each other in the church where she went to growing up. And how we wish that there’s wi-fi in heaven so her Dad will get to see them too although we’re sure he was there amongst everyone. Seated by the front row, feeling so proud of his daughter and the man next to her who, though he never got to meet, he knows will look after her very, very well.

Naomi and Will, welcome back! We hope you had a grand time in Europe. We couldn’t think of a more special way to welcome you back but this. Thank you again for choosing us and for that enormous trust you had in us. Thank you too for being so easy to work with. Will, it was nice knowing that version of you who talks and smiles and even laughs 🙂 You both have been so amazing as well as your families and friends. From the bottom of our hearts, sincere gratitude.





Venue: Wallaceville House