In August last year while on holiday in Port Douglas, Australia, Alex asked Dahne to marry him. Something she NEVER saw coming but definitely wished for since they started dating three years ago. She didn’t know how to answer because her heart could not contain how happy she was — she just started crying but in the end was able to utter “yes”.

We would have to say that this is one of our favourite engagement sessions to think that this was the quickest we have ever done. We love how authentic they were, how they moved around each other and looked at each other as if we weren’t there. They were in their zone and they showed our cameras how they are as a couple in the most organic way.

Dahne and Alex, in less than a month you will be in front of our cameras again. This time it won’t be just the sun joining our shoot, there will be your families and close friends. We’re so excited for them to see the kind of love that we’ve witnessed. The one that’s very honest.

We hope you love the rest that you’ll see here. Thank you for spending that afternoon with us and for giving us these beautiful photographs to look at and swoon over. See you on your big day. <3